Sunday, November 07, 2010

Lincoln Elected President

The whole of the North outweighed a deeply divided South. This contest, though hard fought, was never in doubt since the Democratic Party split in twain this summer.

And disunion appears headed for defeat all over the South. South Carolina and their quest for disunion be damned, Richmond and New Orleans go for Bell.

Thank the Lord the election passed quietly in New Orleans, you know this city's penchant for rioting and carrying on, especially when political matters are at stake. Hopefully, such news will repudiate the boldest of Fire-Eaters:

The general tone of public sentiment is consistent with acquiescence with the result. Many say they worked hard and honestly to prevent the election of LINCOLN, but now, as he is to be President, they will see all his acts carried out, and at every hazard support the Constitution.

Embittered feelings have already greatly subsided, and not a solitary disunion sentiment has been heard from any one. The Breckinridge and Bell men and the Douglasites seem determined to abide by the decision of the people.

It isn't the best of outcomes, but considering the alternatives, I think we'll get off light this time.


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