Saturday, November 06, 2010

Presidential Election To Be Decided in New York City

It all comes down to this, folks. We know what side the New York Times is on, that's for sure.

The attitude of the Republican Party is eminently national and conservative, -- and its success will do more to suppress the sectional agitation of the Slavery question than any other result. It seeks no interference with Slavery, -- but aims only to check its increase. Its candidate is an eminently just, upright and conservative statesman, -- pledged by his opinions, his declarations and his life against any invasion of Southern rights and any denial of Southern justice. The whole country has confidence in his honor and his fidelity to the Constitution; -- and that confidence will not be misplaced or betrayed.

After weeks of hearing from Lincoln supporters, this should come as no surprise.

I wish to have it settled that the Constitution of the United States is the safeguard and bulwark of all our interests, North and South, and not the President, from whatever party he may be selected. When the Constitution is violated, then is the time to resist, or to secede, if the violator cannot be brought to justice according to law.

As they say, it will take 40,000-50,000 votes in New York City to keep Lincoln from becoming President. I don't see it happening. He has swept the whole of the North, and we will have to wait to see how those Fire-Eaters in South Carolina respond.


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