Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ready for 2012?

Because that campaign starts at about 10pm Eastern tonight, when all the returns come back and we find out how bad today really was for the Democrats.

Of course, winning big will teach the GOP the exact wrong thing: now they'll have a mandate to actively NOT govern the country. The biggest temper tantrum, when thrown in a vaccum, wins. Narrative > Facts. Their base will never hold them responsible for behaving badly.

Democrats will likely cower, and try their best to follow the GOP off the cliff to the right. Of course, no position taken by the Democrats, no matter how centrist or right-of-center, will be anything less than Marxist sharia law. This will continue to confuse Democrats as they can't get over the fact that the GOP exists in a state of permanent campaigning.

That being said, the Democrats are going to need to start permanent campaigns, abandon their losing reactions and start writing their own narratives if they want to have any chance of existing past 2012. There will have to be savage explanations and real challenges to these faux conservative marketing strategies.

Democrats are going to have to be angrier but smarter and more explanatory. Nothing can be taken for granted, and if clowns like David Vitter get to sleaze their way into reelection, the gloves have to come off.

It looks like at least one person with a website is ready for the transition.


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