Saturday, December 11, 2010

Krauthammer Gets It

With the exception of paragraph 9 (the ol' boy just couldn't let his entire op-ed be about the real world), Krauty appears as dumbfounded by the political calculus of the various reactions to the tax deal as I am.

Though, I did hear his name mentioned on Limbaugh this afternoon. I can't even describe how unhinged Rush sounded today about the tax deal and the GOP. AND YET, the focus is all on how the Democrats hate the deal because they hate America, and the GOTP folks hate it because it is secretly Stimulus II, a liberal program that the Democrats secretly want but won't vote for because they hate America. Sputter, sputter.

Radio was impossible to follow. Luckily, Krauty spells it out in words, even if he has to use a disbelieving voice that has to give respect where respect is due.


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