Thursday, December 02, 2010

Quick Saints Quote

The Black & Gold show up as #5 on Don Bank's NFL Power Rankings for Sports Illustrated, but here's the rub:

Tell me again how much the Saints offense missed Reggie Bush, who returned to the lineup last week in Dallas after missing eight games with a fractured fibula. He never really got a handle on the ball all day against the Cowboys, and nearly gave the game away. He's known for instant impact, but none of it was of the positive variety in his long-awaited return. If and when I figure out my all-overrated team, Bush will be my starting running back.

I should mention that every time I watch a Saints game on the TV's at Carrollton Station, there is undoubtedly someone in the crowd yelling "RUN FORWARD" every time Reggie gets the ball. Now, I know that haters are gonna hate, but it will take a long, sustained level of football excellence (that we suspect he's capable of) to overcome Bush's disappointing NFL career so far. But, how long will it be before defenses stop biting on the fact that Bush is in the game, if they haven't already? If you ask me, that's the primary benefit of him being on the field.

Also an interesting tidbit - New Orleans and Atlanta are tied for winningest NFC teams over the last 46 regular season games. Though earlier this year I noticed that, since 2006, the Dirty Birds have gone 2 - 7 against the Bless You Boys, with only one win (earlier this year) coming in the Louisiana Superdome. We'll see how the record shakes out this season, as these rivals have a chance to meet up two more times.


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