Monday, December 06, 2010

Special Interest Welfare

Oh, the glories of our free-market economy, where all businesses are free to compete for subsidization and shift the tax burden onto others.

I guess we'll know very soon if all the "fiscal conservatives" who run every state office in Georgia know what that term actually means. Because I'm fairly certain that the food stamps Newt Gingrich loves to hate don't cost his home state $10 billion annually.

I've never actually seen a "welfare queen driving a Cadillac" with my own eyes. Maybe I'm just not hanging out in the same places where the talk-radio guys get their intel. But I have seen more than a fair share of our Subsidy Aristocracy and their many luxury vehicles, and homes, and boats, and club memberships, and fancy vacations, and second homes, and....well, you get the idea.

But pretending American feudalism is the other way around sure keeps winnin' them elections! Why question what's working, after all?



alli said...

SNAP is authorized through the Farm Bill process and so is paid with federal money. SNAP benefits don't come out of state budgets at all. In fact, every $5 in SNAP benefits circulates about $9 in the local economy. (That's the "fuzzy math" - aka, research from the US Department of Agriculture - that Newt doesn't understand.) The feds also pay a portion of SNAP outreach and administration.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

(Yes, but there are a lot of Georgians who pay Federal taxes that then fund those SNAP benefits. However, I am fairly certain that SNAP neither costs nor benefits the Georgia taxpayer to the tune of $10 Billion.)

When he is not talking about the Islamic Caliphate of Lower Manhattan or other things that don't really exist, Newt likes to talk about "runaway" government spending, "costly" social programs and the glory of the free market - all while his home state GOP is giving away the proverbial farm in subsidies.