Friday, December 10, 2010

The Verdict

One of the most gruesome situations in American law enforcement history is now in the case file. It isn't over, by any stretch of the imagination, as appeals are to be filed. The Danziger case still looms over the city as well.

Though, this is why we have Federal Civil Rights laws, just in case anyone needed a reminder. The state may not have been able, or willing, to take this case this far.

Looking at the whole tragic mess, there is zero good that comes out of this. At least there is some justice, deferred these many years. A man's life is over; his family was left with a desecrated body and lies about how it had occurred; three officers of the law have been convicted of unimaginable crimes; the two acquitted officers will have shadows forever following them; the officers surrounding this case will always have their own versions of the story - and you wonder how they'll be able to effectively work with each other in the future. How can you police a city if you don't trust those you work with?

All because one inexcusable and irreversible decision was made in a cloud of fear, during a time ruled by chaos and misinformation.


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