Thursday, December 02, 2010

Without Skipping a Beat

Hey, look: folks on the right wing are demanding a knee-jerk reactionary expansion of the US Security state through increasing the powers of an imperial presidency. That's a bold move by a group of folks who got elected based on posters casting the President as a tyrant. I guess they would love it if the TSA touched Julian Assange's junk, but it would be Big Intrusion if the TSA went after theirs.

Hell, they aren't even sworn in as running the Congress yet, and they're right back where they left off. The howler of it all? They're saying that the left has been disingenuous in failing to criticize Obama's security state. The same security state they constructed, expanded, and now demonstrate intentions of furthering still.


And for you Sarah Palin fans out there, not only did she misunderestimate the way we define "treason" back here in Reality, she is supporting the expansion of executive power in the interest of "neutralizing" a website.

Look, I'm not a big fan of these document dumps, but let us not overstate the damage here. The executive branch can take plenty of steps to prevent leaks of this size, mainly by maintaining their chain of command in-house. The last thing we need is a further expansion of executive power to act as judge, jury, torturer and executioner in the name of keeping state secrets under wraps. That's old school Eastern Bloc authoritarian mentality if I've ever seen it.


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