Saturday, January 08, 2011

A Debate to Have

I don't know why anyone would be unwilling to begin prominently discussing the United States Constitution as it pertains to writing legislation. If the GOTP wants to read the whole thing aloud, and then write every law with an explicit statement of where the authority of that law comes from, let's get to it. You want to talk the text and spririt of the Constitution, and the amendments and court decisions that govern us? Be my guest.

Especially if that same group of people then wants to turn around and convince voters to deliver more power to the states, who have a demonstrably provable track record of abusing power, limiting personal freedom, and expressing far more control over the lives of citizens than the Federal government ever dreamed to have.

And while I don't believe you'll find many "liberal" or "progressive" individuals who think a long term Constitutional refresher course is a bad thing (the document enshrines many, many foundational liberal and progressive beliefs, after all), I'm sure we'll disproportionately hear about the ones who do.


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