Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Holes

Leigh points out another case of things (eventually) being done right tending to work correctly.

It is the "eventually" part of that equation that gets me.

Neither of us expected much - the perverse joy this city seems to take in starting big, ambitious things, then abandoning them due to one reason or another (usually financial difficulties) had permeated our thinking. We fully expected Entergy people to stop up the leak, then leave enough detritus and reflective sawhorses around just so the little guy could keep exclaiming, "Look, Mom! Rubble!" every time we went in and out of our front gate.

Of course, the job didn't get done right the first time, so a different crew had to come back around and clean up the mess.

I wonder how much of our city's "financial difficulties" that keep big, ambitious things from getting done could be related to jobs not getting done right the first time.



Leigh C. said...

Yep, there is that of the first crew not doing it right - but, then again, they did first open the thing up at midnight in the pitch black.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Because a work crew can't find the appropriate tools to do work at night?

Leigh C. said...

Eh, they didn't know how to use the tools. A connection to the gas lines was cracked by the first crew, making a bad situation worse. If we could effectively nip incompetence in the bud with regards to maintaining infrastructure, that'd be a huge boon in and of itself.