Friday, January 21, 2011

The Islamic Republicans of New Jersey

The same architects responsible for manufacturing the "Ground Zero Mosque" controversy (which was neither illegal, nor a mosque, nor at Ground Zero, nor controversial when first envisioned) are now furious with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) for turning New Jersey into a hotbed of terrorist sympathy under the yoke of Sharia law.

Not my words, theirs.



Maitri said...

There are many Muslim Republicans in this country, mostly because they believe in conservative fiscal principles the party has to offer. One of these cycles, this Republican policy of having it both ways - courting and getting the money/vote of Muslim businesspeople and simultaneously placating the bigots for their vote - is going to blow up and they are going to have to pick.

Or not. Everyone involved has given their soul up for a lot less.

oyster said...

Best two sentence post I've read in a while. Yeah, I pretty much admire Christie's stalwart stance against nativist/ethno-religious fear-mongering under the rubric of national security.

patsbrother said...

Do these crazy wingnut bloggers realize that Cristie, as the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey at that time, would have been the prosecutor in those federal cases in which Mohammed was the defense attorney?