Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Most States Have Some Firearms Laws"

After the Tuscon shooting, I've been engaged in several conversations, both in person and online, regarding gun laws. I've attempted to recall some of my own knowledge and experience, mostly involving what passes for "gun control debate" in this country. But the vast majority of my participation in this conversation is trying to remember stuff my Dad says. He's something of an expert on Federal gun laws.

When asked for specifics, I've been tempted to call my father up on the phone and ask him. But I fear that conversation will ramble somewhat and drift erroneously into the realm of Notre Dame or Alabama football (Roll Tide).

Then I remembered, the old man has a website that goes over this exact topic.

And uses his typical "teacher's voice" of not assuming prior knowledge of a subject by his readers. Which lead to hilariously sublime statements like the title of this post, or this:

"Violations can result in severe penalties."

Which should probably be incorporated into a demotivational poster, but I digress.


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