Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Republican Response Notes

I have my notes on the Republican response. I know it's a shorter speech, but I was surprised by the complete absence of foreign policy. I also think Ryan missed an opportunity to use current events in the UK to take shots at Obamacare (which isn't really a fair comparison but would likely have enough traction to stick). I felt like I was reading a remake of 1994.

-Good, tell us who you are because for the most part we really don't know.
-Leads with obligatory shooting,
-Goes to spending. Likes what Obama is saying there.
-Cut spending. You know... for kids.
-Slams Obama spending and ties stimulus to unemployment.
-Mixing fiscal responsibility and slams health care law for about a page.
-New vision. Forward not backwards. Always be twirling...
-Limited governement good
-Smaller gov't = effective gov't
-Regarding government spending growth: Act now. Supplies running out.
-Europe already in trouble and raising taxes and cutting benefits (This is largely untrue. The UK, Ireland and Greece are making up budget shortfalls larely by cutting spending which is only partially tied to benefits.)
-Washington and Wall St caused current financial mess
-Limited gov't good (in case you forgot from earlier)


Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Another work up? Good job. I didn't catch this version live, so I'll have to take a look this evening.

From what you wrote:

Again, where were these folks when Bush was busy destroying things? If the tax cuts were going to work and turn the economy around, they would have done so early in the last decade.

No items on foreign policy? The GOP must still be avoiding that issue, hoping to lay Iraq and Afganistan at Obama's feet.

No items on infrastructure? No difference made between spending that brings a return and spending that is wasteful?

And the classic false choice of "Big, Bad Government vs. Small Government." Either can be wasteful (unresponsive government agencies vs. unresponsive government contractors...), while either can be efficient - it comes down to management style and not ideology.

Obama talked about that last night (we'll see if he can deliver). Did Ryan talk about how to make government work better, or was it more of this same old song and dance?

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Oh, and tell me you took notes on Bachmann's Tea Party response.

Dante said...

I actually did a Bachmann writeup but I lost it when posting and had already closed my notepad. It's not worth the effort to repeat. I actually thought it was a little more comprehensive than Ryan's speech and she did actually offer a few token solutions. But the only comment I specifically remember which I think wraps up her speech nicely is this:

-She brought a chart with her? Really?

patsbrother said...

I wanted to comment on your State of the Union write-up if for no other reason than to mention a typo. Not for the type itself (I do that far too often to complain too loudly). But "Repsect teachers" sounds like it SHOULD mean something. I like that word. Now define it. How does one repsect someone else? It sounds violent.

But as for this one, I HAVE to say this: thank you for the Citizen Kang reference. Thank you.

patsbrother said...

Hmm. Repsect.

To disembowel an elected official's argument?

Dante said...

Repsect - To praise someone while intentionally making it harder for them to do their job. (ex. "Obama repsects teachers almost as much as he repsects NASA.")

FWIW, I'm glad you enjoyed the Kang reference, but I was personally more proud of myself for the Hudsucker Proxy reference. I was picturing Ryan looking at a deficit sheet with a big 0 in the middle of it.