Monday, January 24, 2011

Water Word Problems

Pay attention, students, there will be a test at a later time. Or, at least, there will be news media asking "who is to blame?"

Let's see if we can get a figure that out before it shows up in your living room. Say you have a water-holding object. You have one device that puts water into the object, and one device that takes water out of the object.

If the device taking water out of the object moves slower than the devices putting water into the object, what would you expect to happen?


Now, what type of weather pattern might cause a great deal of need for water to be moved from one place to another in a short amount of time? What region of the nation experiences this type of weather activity?

Y'all have been paying attention, class! Good job!

Bonus question, from the Fix the Pumps post: You have one Federal entity removing water from the object, and three Local entities putting water into the object. The Federal entity tells the local entities to stop putting water into the object. How do you think the local entities will respond?

Where does the water go if the local entities cannot put it into the object designed to hold the water?

Points will be awarded based on creativity and accuracy. Discuss.


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