Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Conspiracy Theories & Union Rallies

That slapping sound you just heard was Glenn Beck placing a "fire" graphic over the state of Wisconsin on his map-of-the-United-States chalkboard. And Wisconsin's football teams play in the same conferences and divisions with the football teams from Michigan (the home of a large number of Muslims) and Illinois (the home of Barack Obama). The onward march of Kenyan anti-colonial Marxist Sharia continues!

All because some folks in Wisconsin decided to activate their right to peaceably assemble and freely speak of their displeasure in the budget policies of their state government. Since Jeffrey's already got a round-up and First-Draft has pictures, I figured that left me to give you the right-wing reaction you are sure to hear about on talk radio or on Fox News later tonight.

I know. You're welcome. The script really is like a Mad-Lib.


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