Monday, February 14, 2011

Irrational Relationships & Valentine's Day

Watching sports and being a fan of a particular team can get emotional. I understand this as well as anyone, and I'll spare you the anecdotes I think prove it. The long and short of it is, I get that fanbases can be irrational when things happen to their team. But here's my two thoughts:

1. I'm still going to call you on it.
2. Just because every other team does it doesn't make it OK. Because they do.

Even as the apparent majority of Who Dat nation works through their complex emotions concerning Sean Payton buying a home in Dallas, the irrational reactions must be accepted as irrational.

And you know what? It is OK to be overemotional and irrational - that's what makes sports fun. But you can't let it get out of hand. That's when you let yourself get hurt for no good reason. That's happens when when "The Idea" of Someone comes into conflict with that real someone's actions, behaviors and motivations. Once you realize that the thing you're really angry at is a figment of your imagination, you can take a deep breath and a step back and start synthesizing the reality of the situation.

Here are the facts:

- New Orleans is a great place, but it is an acquired taste. Not everyone is going to love this place like you love this place. Just because they don't doesn't mean they're trying to insult you.

- He picked Dallas because he likes Dallas. Several million people like Dallas, the last time I checked. He did not pick it just to piss you off.

- An NFL head coaching gig lasts, on average, 3.3 seasons. In New Orleans, that average is a little higher, but Sean Payton has been here a long time considering the nature of his job.

- Sean Payton entered the 2009 season facing a go-to-the-playoffs-or-lose-your-job situation. You may not want to admit this, but this was the case. You were ready to get rid of him and his family two years ago. Back then it was you talking about performance on the field and maybe finding someone else if he wasn't up to the task.

- Moving your family every 3 - 5 years is awful.

Don't take this as patronizing advice from someone who is not from here. Understand that, as a fan of the University of Georgia Bulldawgs, I've been listening to the ravings of one of the most irrational fanbase factions in the history of football. I'm primed for calmly discussing overemotion and irrationality. Home football losses to Kentucky, Vanderbilt and Georgia Tech will force you to examine things from a more reasoned perspective.

And don't get mad at my role, I'm just one of the buddies who will sit with you as you drown your sorrows, telling you that the relationship you are pining for only existed in your own head, and that you're only breaking your own heart and inviting ridicule from others by going over and over it. It is time you remembered that your real relationship is with the Saints, and the Saints are bigger than Sean Payton.

And as long as where he lives doesn't affect his performance coaching the Saints to wins, he could live on the Moon for all I care.



Dante said...

I grew up in Dallas. Westlake isn't Dallas. It's Metroplex, but it's Mid-Cities. In fact, it's on the west side of TX 360 so it's not even Dallas Mid-Cities. It's Ft Worth Mid-Cities.

That being said, Sean Payton is making the right move. He's moving his family to Westlake in the Coppell ISD. There is probably not another school system in the country that is as good at both high school football and academics. If the kids want to follow in dear old Dad's footsteps, they can and still be part of the new IB programs that are now replacing the AP.

Sorry, but New Orleans will always be the Jan Brady in that relationship. Scratch that. Houston is the Jan Brady. New Orleans would be the Cindy Brady. And not little sweet Cindy Brady but the all-grown-up-and-showed-her-boobs-on-Howard-Stern Cindy Brady.

Now I be a bit biased since I'm moving like 10-15 miles south of Westlake but I really don't care about the athletics. In fact, I'm a little worried they may take pee wee football and cheerleading too seriously out there. I'm also not going to have my kids the Coppell ISD. My choices are Grapevine-Colleyville, Hurst-Euless-Bedford, Birdville, or maybe Keller because I'm done making 30+ minute commutes to work each day. Westlake is just an objectively better place to raise a family.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

(Well, if we get too detailed a description, the narrative starts to fade anyway - Payton isn't moving from New Orleans to Dallas, he's moving from Mandeville to Westlake.)

And Mandeville's schools are no joke, but the thing is - dude likes Westlake. And anybody would want their kids to have some stability for the high school years. They've moved a lot following dad's job around.

As far as comparisons, you just can't really go there. There may not be two cities more different than the NOLA area and the Dallas area.

I know you like that area, but you'd have to pay me some serious coin to live there. It doesn't mean I'm making a judgement call, but it all depends on how the individual wants to live their life. When it comes to that, I'll take St. Simons or New Orleans over the Metroplex or Gwinnett any day of the week.

Dante said...

I am getting paid some serious coin to live there. If it weren't for cost-of-living vs. income-I-can-make, I'd likely be moving Tampa or London. FWIW, I didn't like the area either until I had kids. That changes things. A lot.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Congratulations again, if that's the case. I certainly hope the Texas schools in that area remain as good as you say they are.

Dante said...

Hey, at least they're accredited. [ducks]

I've been reading a lot about school funding since it is a serious point of concern for me. The people predicting the most dire scenarios are angling to tap into that $9 billion Rainy Day Fund that Texas just has lying around somewhere. If they don't get that money, they'll either have to do some serious layoffs... or tap into their own cash reserves. Oh the horror! They may have to spend reserves in a situation where spending reserves is appropriate... Or they'll just raise property taxes. That's where about 70% of their funding comes from anyway.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

True, but once the money goes, accreditation tends to follow.

alli said...

As someone raised in the suburbs, I would never, ever raise kids in the suburbs. Ever. Ever!

They're boring as hell. You have to drive everywhere, so kids never learn how to be independent. There are no public spaces for them to hang out. The expenses of having an additional car and insurance are insane. And kids hate the suburbs.