Tuesday, February 08, 2011

More Police State Footage

Video is a shocking thing. While it may not give you the entire story, sometimes it can give you enough. I know that not every arrested individual who complains of police brutality is telling the truth, and there are plenty of videos (like the show, COPS) that demonstrate this.

However, complaints of police misconduct are harder to ignore if you live in a place like New Orleans and keep up with the news. Complaints of police brutality are harder to ignore when you see a group of armed officers basically curb-stomping a teenager.

It doesn't take one minute of attendance at police academy to know that this type of behavior is wrong. I know plenty of responsible police officers who are stand-up men and women who would never engage in this sort of behavior. If the job is so tough and your mental state is so fragile that you feel the need to kick a prone suspect in the face while they are lying on the ground in submission, you ought to find a different line of work. And some therapy. Because you have problems, and that ain't a politically correct judgement on my part.

I want to the police to apprehend and stop the criminals, not become criminals.

And this adds an even more sinister twist to the national push to prosecute individuals who take video of official misconduct on the part of government officials, especially video of the police. Listen to the Today's Show comment: the judge ordered the video not to be released. Those who protect and serve should not be able to intimidate witnesses against them with prosecutions backed up by a judge. The freedom of press, the right to redress grievances, and the right to challenge your accusers are pillars of a stable and functioning free society. Video evidence is so valuable because video is a witness that cannot be intimidated.

This is why I think there should be video cameras in every police car. Every one. Their files should be a matter of public record, searchable by any citizen. In that way, both our police and our citizens will be better served. The police against false accusation and the citizens against brutality.



Dante said...

As far as I'm concerned, this is the most interesting part of your post: "the judge ordered the video not to be released"

There is a day coming when there will be offshore havens for information much like there are offshore havens for money. People will have Swedish Information Accounts to drop their information in so that it may be protected from our US legal system or any other system that tries to stop such information. Information already can't be stopped. Soon there will be places you can go to to thumb your nose at those who try.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

+1 Dante.

You are exactly, 100% correct.

Like most Americans, I was raised to believe we have the free-est, most perfect system of government in the world; that we have the best of everything; and that our freedoms would always be protected by the force of law.

I still believe in that, while I may not believe we actually have that. Or ever had that. I am shocked at how vigilant we must remain to live up to the ideals of the nation I thought we already had.