Thursday, February 03, 2011


Sort of a non-sequitur, this morning I got the opportunity to listen to Glenn Beck's radio program for about 10 minutes.

He was talking about Code Pink (they still exist?) and a protest they held where "several" individuals held up nasty signs against Clarence Thomas and Glenn Beck (he has video on a website). This was important, he said, because Code Pink represents all liberals in this country, like their friends in the Weather Underground and Bill Ayers (and you know who he knows). Anyway, according to Beck, these people are dangerous, and the FBI says so (audio clip) because they went to prestigious "educational centers" called colleges and used to get together back in the 70's when they talked about killing 25 million white babies to prove their revolutionary credibility. This is nothing short of the language of ethnic cleansing, he claims, which they also employ when talking about Israel/the Jews, which explains why Code Pink is working with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood to organize the many demonstrations around this country in support of the Egyptian revolutionaries (?). Beck says this is what communists and socialists and groups like Code Pink and ANSWER and the Weather Underground do whenever and wherever they take over.

Don't believe him? He's going to connect the dots between Code Pink and Hamas and George Soros for you on his show this evening. He's tired of ringing the bell and playing Paul Revere.

And where IS the media on all this, he asks?

Seriously, I've got to find a transcript of all that to prove to myself I'm not making it up.



alli said...

Check the Daily Show Moment of Zen from last night - it had a lot of the same stuff. What a total clown.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Oh, there are a lot of people finally taking on Beck for his Egypt nonsense. I can't imagine what John Stewart is able to do with this.

Sometimes, he doesn't even need to add funny commentary, he can just say "roll clip."