Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Anti-Colonialists

Not to be outdone by those pesky Georgia Republicans, GOP Presidential contender Mike Hucakbee feeds some red meat to the talk-radio audience.

How many narratives did he hit?

1. Obama Was Not born here.
2. Obama = Kenyan
3. Obama = Anti-Colonialist
4. Anti-Colonialism = Bad*
5. Liberalism = Anti-American; Not From Here

This is a Presidential candidate talking directly to the base and asking ludicrous questions about stuff that isn't true. Why should I trust him if he speaks of tax breaks and the economy? Why should I believe that he is nothing more than a culture warrior pandering for votes at this point because that's the only way he'd win a GOP Presidential Primary?

(* - Currently the dumbest of the dumb narratives, I fail to see how people who relate to a "Tea Party" and wave the revolutionary Gadsden Flag can hold in contempt other people who fought for freedom against the same colonial masters. I do so hope one of my conservative friends can explain why this non-conservative lunacy has traction with so many individuals who identify as Republicans.)



Dante said...

* Pat, it amazes me that a history major so often misses historical parallels. Yes, Americans are largely divided on whether or not these protesters are a Good Thing. We had the exact same sentiment towards the French Revolution. Some of the most ardent patriots thought France rebelling against their King was a Bad Thing. Why? Largely, their own self interests. It may not be a smart narrative but I at least buy that it's an honest one. However, it does happen to be one I disagree with.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Well, Newt Gingrich has a Ph.D. in History and he is still working the "anti-colonialist" narrative nonsense.

I don't think it is honest at all. They've dug into the vaults to bring back the old 1960's "Mau-Mau" spectre of violent African nationalism (that, by definition, excuses the violent oppression of Kenyans at the hands of their colonial masters) and applied it to our nation's first African-American President because of his Kenyan ancestry. As if they haven't been doing that since the man was a candidate for the office.

And none of them have really explained their definitions of "anti-colonialism" beyond "Africans Hate White People" and how that affects "where the Preisdent is coming from." D'Souza didn't pick his words in a vacuum when he chose "Kenyan anti-colonialism."

The Gingriches, Palins, and Huckabees of the world aren't picking their words in a vacuum when they use D'Souza's words, either.