Friday, March 18, 2011

For the Record

They're just calling it "The Report."

The full version is a massive, 150 page excoriation of a police department that has structurally operated outside the law far too often for far too long. The executive summary alone reads like 19 page thriller novel of every Hollywood stereotype associated with the "bad cops." But you keep scrolling down to another example of malfeasance and miscarried justice. Some of these couldn't be made up.

Some folks have a lot to say about it. Others don't have to say much at all. They are truly the ones most vindicated by these findings, as they have been telling everyone who would listen what has really been going on for painfully far too long. They have been the ones telling us how deep the cancer grows.

And now the United States Department of Justice has concluded their investigation, and we find out just how right those voices have been.


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