Monday, March 07, 2011


Reading some Ta-Nehisi Coates, I am reminded that if Civil War rememberance in the South was more honestly about "heritage," as it should be, then we'd see an awful lot more events like this.

After all, hundreds of thousands of Southerners fought for the Union, and hundreds of thousands of those Southerners were black.

Though in complete honesty, it isn't just the South who has ignored the history of the USCT. That's why the event was held in Harrisburg in the first place, instead of Washington.

How powerful would it be to one day host a Civil War rememberance event in the South that honored the sacrifices of all her people, regardless of color or color of uniform, just an unvarnished realization of our shared regional and national tragedies? We've got 4 more Aprils to figure it out, and we can say it only took us 150 years.


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