Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Obnoxious Parade

Yesterday, the City of New Orleans hosted a major press conference regarding restrictions on parade watching. While I have less problem with the port-a-potties (I mean, who won't pay a dollar or two to some clever family to use the bathroom?), I have grown weary of the obnoxiousness level that goes hand in hand with watching Mardi Gras parades, especially the big ones. Ladders hard upon the parade route make it difficult to participate in this greatest of shows. Personal fiefdoms restrict the legal movement of the public on public land (and what if a medical emergency requires attention quickly?). And I've just about had it with the public parking blockades that take place all over this city on event days.

I really think it ruins a public event when you show up, and all the public spaces are taken. Especially a Mardi Gras parade. Heaven forfend someone other than your small, close group of friends end up in your "area" on the route. Especially when your area runs from roughly the middle of the neutral ground all the way to the parade barricades. It isn't like these things are designed to be fun for everyone out there, just you and your group and the other folks who have the time to spray paint or cordon off their own personal property on the neutral ground four days in advance.

And Lord help anyone who wants to drive into the neighborhood on Wednesday. There is a parade on Saturday after all, so much of the the public, on-street parking is occupied by litter and various household items to denote "ownership."

Because it isn't about you having fun, as long as Bill and Tom have an excellent adventure on Endymion Day.

Luckily, you may take the neutral ground, but you will never take New Orleans' humor.



judyb said...

I agree with you in that all the obnoxious folks ruin parades for the rest of us. Those Obnoxese are one of the reasons I don't "do" parades any more.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

That is a shame, because parades are supposed to be fun and welcome to everyone.

Unfortunately, this behavior isn't just limited to parade shenanigans. I've run into it at outdoor concerts, 4ths of July, New Year's Eve, and tailgating for football games. The takeover of public parking infects people anywhere there aren't meters or property lines.