Thursday, March 17, 2011

Part of Obama's Sneaky Plan

Remember how, in Rush Limbaugh Land, Obama praised oil production and offered to open up more American drilling suspiciously just before the Deepwater Horizon disaster? It was all a plot by TEH EBIL KENYAN ANTI-COLONIALIZMS!! to scare Americans away from the selfless executives of those community minded oil industry that create American jobs for Americans in America!

I wonder what El Rushbo's going to say when he finds out the President specifically praised nuclear power - in Japan! Suspiciously before this latest disaster! OH NOES TEH MARXISMS HAVE EARTHQUAKE CONTROLZ!!! Espcially now that Americans are questioning our national "renaissance" with noocyoolar power!

We'll not even mention the deregulation necessary to make both oil drilling rigs and nuclear power plants safe for the communities they serve...


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