Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Picking a Fight with the Christian Right

I wonder what my real conservative readers think of the Mitch Daniels' "truce" on social issues until financial issues are addressed.

Because, as Andrew Sullivan points out, there is a very significant portion of the Republican base that wants to focus on the culture war above all things. Because people who disagree with certain religious or moral beliefs are the ones who are bankrupting the country. We can get ourselves out of debt ON FAITH!!

Someone will have to explain how that opinion is in any way conservative, because what I read there was a culture warrior cloaking his theocracy in fiscal conservative marketing.

Though I'm glad that he admits the Tea Party is just what I thought they were.

Luckily, there appears to be some pushback to the theocratic right.

But will it be enough? Can a real conservative like Mitch Daniels, who acts like a rational, thinking human being (with some ideas I disagree with) win the GOP Presidential nomination? Or will the base, more interested in Mau-Mau-ing opponents, warning America about the coming Sharia onslaught, and James O'Keefe's video splices of outgoing NPR executives, again prove they are more about cultural panic than substance?


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