Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Ron Schiller, I Salute You...

We all hear about lazy, incompetent government workers who don't care about their cushy government jobs. But then here's Ron Schiller, Foundation President of NPR. On the verge of at least getting cuts to their funding (if not being defunded outright) Mr. Schiller decided to meet with a group of Muslims offering to donate $5 million and he told them pretty much anything they wanted to hear. And for what? To keep NPR alive. That's some real dedication from a government employee. Mr. Schiller, I salute you. I would've done the same thing. I'd tell Klansmen about the Negro problem. I'd tell vi users of the evils of emacs. I'd say pretty much anything I had to in order to get my hands on $5 million in funding. Sadly, it turns out it the potential donors were a fake. It was all a setup. Instead of being praised for his ingenuity in the face of budget cuts, he gets drummed out of his position. What a shame...

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Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Just another example of how folks on "the left" will cannibalize their own at the softest hint that a right-winger, somewhere, might have their feelings hurt or be called on their actions. I fail to see what this controversy is about.

He turned down the money.

He said NPR would be better off without government money.

He called the Tea Party, or what is has become, out for its xenophobic, religiously intolerant ways.

I mean...WHAT? Besides the milquetoast backtracking, "I was only selling a client" explanation, what is the shocking news here?