Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Seattle Model

I've long said that New Orleans, instead of looking to cities like Atlanta and Houston (sprawl) as models for growth*, should look at cities like Athens (cultural economy) and Savannah (historic preservation).

Now, you can add Seattle to that list:

The Seattle model is particularly important, because the ideas created in skilled cities are likely to be the economic mainstay of America in the next century.

High density, mass transportation (that works), and a dynamic population.

* Though we can use their road-building/paving techniques at any time, y'all.



alli said...

The big thing there is having an enormous, prestigious research university *and* a deep water port lead to a diversified base of economic activity. And lots of government funding for things like aerospace R&D.

UNO is not going to be UW. It can't even be LSU.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Well, the idea isn't to be exactly Seattle any more than it is to be exactly Athens or Savannah. We're not going to get a lot of aerospace R&D here, and Tulane's about the closest we'll get to a major research university.

But they're taking advantage of their existing resources and minimizing their drawbacks in a way New Orleans is not doing.