Sunday, April 03, 2011

All According to Plan

Well, it looks like the best-laid plans of American evangelical exhibitionist fundamentalist Christian-istas have achieved the desired effect.

The ironic thing is that too many Americans will watch the news and see a bunch of Muslims in Afghanistan chanting "Death To America," and think this is A) an unprovoked reaction, and B) representative of Muslims worldwide.

Let's put the truth to it:

1. A professional American Christian congregation Hate Group with non-profit tax status, in order to raise money and get attention for itself, abused our nearly sacred First-Amendment Rights in order to yell "Death to Islam" as loud as it possibly could.

2. Muslims in a place that has been living in stone age conditions since at least 1978, who are under military occupation by troops from nations with mostly Christian populations that have significant political factions and popular cultures that constantly demonize Islam, hear "Death to Islam." Again.

3. Because they have not lived under a constitutional government for some time, and have no experience with ideas like the First Amendment, it is very easy for our legal protection of "Death to Islam" speech to appear like a legal endorsement of "Death to Islam" speech.

4. Many Americans ignore items 1 - 3, and watch the news to see Muslims burning flags, effigies of the President, rioting, and killing UN workers.

5. Many Americans use that to justify their continued xenophobia and religious bigotry, which is far more of a historical and existential threat to America than Muslims or Sharia law will ever be.

All just a part of the plan.



Dante said...

"Well, it looks like the best-laid plans of American evangelical exhibitionist fundamentalist Christian-istas have achieved the desired effect."

It helps when the group you're trying to rile up is perfectly willing to kill a dozen people over a book getting burned. But you're right about representation. Just like some jackass with a Sam Elliot moustache burning the Quran out in Florida doesn't represent the United States or Christianity, a mob of of folks running amok in Afghanistan don't represent Afghanistan or Islam. But it does mean that both groups causing a ruckus here are something to be wary of and keep an eye on.

My biggest fear in all of the rioting going on is that the dangerous jackasses will pervert the promise of democracy for their own gain. And note that I'm not saying the riots are a bad thing because of such fear. It's just jackassery derailing an otherwise healthy change in government structure is a phenomenon that tends to rear its ugly head fairly often.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Fair points, to be sure.

I think the willingness to kill a dozen people over someone burning a book exists to a lesser degree in our society because we've spent some serious time and effort promoting a cultural and government system that prosecutes people for behaving in such ways. It isn't perfect (please see also: police & vigilante shootings post-Katrina; Los Angeles riots; etc), but we've done a lot to disincentivize lawless behavior as a society.

The Afghans don't exactly have that sophisticated or historic of a justice system, and it is easy to see how things can spiral out of control quickly.

The dangerous jackasses are already perverting and hijacking the promise of democracy for their own gain in Afghanistan. Representative government has to have support from within and simply cannot be installed from without except in the face of massive force (please see also: Japan & Germany, post WWII), and even then it isn't guaranteed (see: End of Reconstruction - 1877).

Karzai was one of the pols demagoguing this issue the other day to establish his "independence" from unpopular Westerners.