Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Lawyers Went Down to Georgia (Updated)

I guess by writing about this on Facebook and Blogspot, I'm part of the "firestorm in the blogosphere and elsewhere" described by Judge Amanda William's libel suit against Ira Glass and This American Life.

I'm honored to have, in some small way, participated in an actual, legally described "firestorm." I think it might be my first.

Of course, Glass' lawyers responded with quite a smackdown.

(HT: Alli)

Update: Maybe some of the Georgia press will actually start paying attention to all this. Atlanta's Creative Loafing has a report. The Tribune-Georgian out of Camden County (also under Judge Williams' jurisdiction) also ran a story.

But here's the thing, the original story in This American Life didn't actually get much media attention. By pursuing legal action against a nationally recognized radio personality and program, and by submitting documents on the legal record exposing how her court works, won't this only raise the profile of the report?

Looks to me like it already has.



E.J. said...

You firestorm contributor, you!!

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Like Allied bombers over Dresden, baby! BLOGS AWAY!

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Judy Nieto said...

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Carol Henderson said...

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Anna Johnson said...

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