Friday, April 29, 2011

The New York Whines

You know something, fellas?

Y'all could have done more to clear all this mess up a long time ago by saying something like this every time the issue arose.

Because that's what it is going to take, these days. Every fake issue that comes out of our poisoned political system is going to require massive response. From birtherism to the Ground Zero Mosque to Kenyan Anti-Colonialism to Secular Atheist Islamic Fundamentalism to Andrew Brietbart splicing Shirley Sherood into the next Busta Ryhmes video and calling it news.

Y'all are the news. Y'all have to respond. Y'all have to investigate what is factual and what is not factual and YOU HAVE TO TAKE A STAND ON THE SIDE OF REALITY.

But you didn't. You let each comment, building on the last, slip past you while reporting what people said. You thought this stuff was a joke. You thought this wasn't serious. You, and the rest of the national media, went ahead and published the words of these people with little or insufficient condemnation or correction. Hell, at least it meant pageviews, right? At least you were being "balanced" by publishing the "other side" of the opinion that our President was a legitimate American.

Y'all left it mainly to people on internet message boards and blog comments to call this nonsense what it is. Because we'll do it without pay.

It built up so much attention that the President of the United States of America has had to go on national television to again address the issue of his own citizenship because our nation has a large population of clowns who can somehow get a hold of two years worth of news cycles to display thier honking noses and whoopie cushions while we're engaged in three wars and one tenacious recession.

But I'm glad y'all finally came out and said what needed to be said. Once the President, of course, got down in the mud first.

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