Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Of Broken Clocks & Flip Flops

You know what we need more of in this country? Real conservatives to take on the bullshit slung around by folks who play "conservatives" on TV and radio. Like when Conor Friedersdorf deconstructs the fake persona that is Rush Limbaugh, and throws in an elbow at other "conservatives" who let him get away with it:

But this is a teachable moment for his listeners: every week on his show he leads you astray by making incorrect and ungrounded assertions about the interior lives of his ideological adversaries, and even when he turns out to be wrong other thinkers in the conservative movement are loath to call him on it.



Dante said...

When I was a teenager and just started paying attention to politics, I saw a lot of assumptions out there in pop culture that I just didn't understand. Goldwater is crazy. Dan Quayle is an idiot. McCarthy is the greatest evil ever set loose on our nation.

I always questioned those premises, especially McCarthy. Why is it McCarthyism when what McCarthy did was mostly legitimate? That would be like calling the Stalinist Soviet Union "Leninism."

It felt like you were watching a wrestling match and the ref had his head turned while your guy was getting whacked with a big metal chair by his opponent. Then William F Buckley would come out with a well-reasoned response and he'd get whacked with a chair, too.

Then there's this guy on AM radio of all places. He has this show where he just talks and takes calls for 3 hours and he doesn't buy into these foregone conclusions. And he has his own metal chair. It was just nice to hear it go the other way for a while even though he's a blowhard and I didn't agree with a lot of what he had to say.

But what happened after a while was we lost the wrestling match and instead just saw people hitting each other with metal chairs for hours on end. Then Fox News came along and hours turned into days. I think a lot of us on the right give Limbaugh a pass because although we'd rather see the wrestling match, this is better than what was in place before it. And I can't speak for everyone but I'm personally afraid that if we shun Limbaugh, any voice conservatives have will crumble along with him. So yeah, I give him a pass because I remember what was there before him.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

I guess what McCarthy did could be considered "legitimate" if you think grandstanding, demagougery, and making things up to promote an atmosphere of irrational fear are legitimate forms of political communication...

Should someone have been looking for Soviet spies in our government? Yes. Should someone have made it into a circus sideshow? Well, if you do, you can't rightly get mad at having similar circus sideshows named after your behavior.