Friday, April 22, 2011


A lot of Democrats, liberals, and progressives need to stop laughing at the current clown car of GOP Presidential candidates and mocking Paul Ryan's budget plan as "unserious."

With the economy still vulnerable, Barack Obama's Presidency is at serious risk in 2012, and it will remain so no matter who the GOP nominates for the top post.

Not to mention the 23 Democratic Senate seats, compared to 10 GOP seats, that will be on the electoral table. Further down the ticket from that, redistricting will be ready to take effect, draining resources from state and local political organizations as candidates in combined districts get in ugly fights over their jobs.

Next time, before you laugh and make jokes, you should envision the possibility that Paul Ryan's budget proposals could be incredibly serious come 2013, as passed by a Republican House and a filibuster-proof Republican Senate, signed into law by President Romnalentbeerich, and upheld by a right-leaning Supreme Court.


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