Thursday, April 14, 2011

Too Many Judges in the Kitchen

My brother relentlessly chastises me when I have an opinion on matters of law, judges, and things like that. He likes to remind folks how I never went to law school, because that should reduce my credibility, even if I link to the opinions of individuals who did go to law school.

As if all lawyers and judges agree with each other about the law 100% of the time, and as if us folks down here in the service industry caste aren't allowed to have opinions on decisions of the many courts.

Well, now the truth comes to light! Based on a new study that finds food breaks sway the decisions of judges, I demand equal merit for the legal opinions of food service workers.

Because, apparently, lunch has just as much to do with making up a judge's mind as the law they are reading.

Though what this means for the criminal justice system here in New Orleans is anyone's guess.



patsbrother said...

Note: I chastise you because your critiques of legal decisions often have nothing to do with the decisions themselves and you often link to people who similarly approve/disapprove as you do but who do not say what you're saying.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

My critiques often have to do with how those decisions will be percieved, and what effects they will have on society as a whole. I also make an assumption that judges, just like all other fallable humans, are capable of behaving as pettily and as incorrectly as any other humans.

As far as linking to people who agree/disagree without plagarizing, I'd like to introduce you to this thing we call the Internet...