Saturday, May 21, 2011

Credibility, the Final Frontier

Every time I think that the American Right, Talk-Radio, Fox News, and rank and file Republicans can't get any further from reality, they simply pick up their things and keep marching on. To explore new memes and new rationalizations. To boldy go where no mainstream political party has gone before.

At this point, their credibility is so far in the red (literally and figureatively) that it will take some serious consideration on my part to even entertain listening to Republican candidates, because they are are part of an organization where the national leaders who didn't stop with blatantly attempting to lie their way through the issues, but who are attempting to wholly rewrite history.

And not just early American history, or Civil War history, or history from the pre-Reagan 20th Century - but all American history, including parts thorough which I lived. They're now telling me that things I remember happening did not actually happen.

On Thursday, I thought the President delivered a fairly ho-hum speech, full of platitutdes and same-old, same-old. I remember every President since Clinton working on this issue in almost the exact same way. Reading actual history about the Middle East Peace Process, it appeared (up until Thursday on Fox News) that American Presidents have been working on these goals for quite some time.

So color me stunned to see the reaction on the right. Y'all, this is simply insane demagougery, the coup de grace of the "Barack Hussein Obama is an Un-American Muslim Mau-Mau" narrative.

Which means their narrative, right now, stands at this:

I am an America-hating, baby-killing, terrorist-sympathizer who, with help from my illegal immigrant friends and union thugs, will follow our Mau Mau illegitimately elected Kenyan anti-colonialist President to turn this nation into a communist economy with a sharia legal code that follows the homosexual agenda in an unholy alliance of secular atheist Islamic fundamentalists even as we work to destroy the state of Israel.

That is what the GOP is saying about people like me and people I want to see elected. From the top national candidates to the local police bureaucracy. But that's OK, they aren't intended to be factual statements and if we quote the actual words they say we are the ones who are lying. That makes it OK for me to believe them about taxes, infrastructure, and the deficit?

Face it, folks, the American right has now joyfully taken up the full moonbat status of the old "looney left," who used to expose all Democrats to paint from the insanity brush. The shoe is firmly on the other foot now.


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