Friday, May 13, 2011

The Credibility Gap Widens

From the same people that brought you the terrifying GROUND ZERO MOSQUE, the thrilling KENYAN ANTI-COLONIALISM, and 2009's storytelling masterpiece, DEATH PANELS FOR GRANDMA, comes this May's Blockbuster Culture War Hit:


Follow Sarah Palin, Warrior Princess, and Karl Rove, Boy Genius, as they take the fight to those who seek to destroy gentle, homogenous American culture.

This summer in the GOP, COMMON is just a little too close to COMMUNIZM!

This film has been rated BS by the Reality Based Association of America.



Dante said...

What a crappy remake. The Bill Clinton version was better. At least it had the fold-like-a-cheap-suit ending. Hell, the Tipper Gore version better, too.

If you don't mind now I'll go back to complaining about thuggery in the NBA even though my beloved NFL has more players convicted of violent crime, thank you very much.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Truth. But neither Bill Clinton Studios or Gorevision had the production capability of this current crop of movie makers.