Thursday, May 05, 2011

Dead Malls & Bad Pizza

Or, Sbarro's.

I remember eating at Sbarro's once upon a time long ago. I remember eating various foods in malls long ago.

Hell, when I grew up even into my college years, a trip to the mall was the highlight of the weekend. You left your air conditioned home, got in an air conditioned car, drove several miles to a giant air conditioned building surrounded by a parking lot big enough to host a traveling county fair.

Though, as this unsustainable economic model has been proven unsustainable, it is no surprise that the businesses that depend on the mall-based, captive audience for their economic success are suffering.

Maybe they'll just blame the President for their economic woes, instead of the fact that their customers are taking their dollars elsewhere for different products in different locations.


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Dante said...

Sbarro is making the same mistake Montgomery Ward made: They're not changing with the times. There's a reason Montgomery Ward is the patron saint of dead malls. Wards appealed to a lower middle class shoppers. When malls catering to the lower middle class died, Wards died along with them.

We're facing a new phenomenon now. Middle tier retailers are dying. America is giving up on quantity. Our quest for stuff is ebbing again. Americans are buying far less stuff but buying higher quality goods when they can. Sbarro is well-entrenched in a dying market. Instead of staying ahead of the curve, they're going down with the ship.

An enclosed mall hasn't opened in the United States since 2006. Xanadu in New Jersey is the only one under construction. It was supposed to open in 2007. Last I heard, they'll open in 2013.

If retail is the Empire then this is the Death Star. Instead of the bringing retail back to downtown, Southlake took downtown to the mall. I don't think this will be the end-all be-all in retail but they'll survive where middle-class enclosed malls will not.