Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Doing It Wrong

Moving to New Orleans and complaining about a music event makes about as much sense to me as moving to St. Simons Island and complaining about golf, sunny weather, and that pesky Atlantic Ocean thing that keeps interrupting your pleasant evening stroll when you venture too far east.



Dante said...

If you're not into that sort of thing it's more like moving to St Simmons and complaining about the gnats or moving to a $500K home in Keller, TX and complaining about the hog farm that adjoins your property and has been there for roughly a century.* You may not like it but still just have to live with it.

"Why would someone move here from Massachusetts, as I understand you have, and want to make it like the place they just left?
If that worked so well, why leave it behind?
Why would one want to relocate to an area only to complain about it?"

Because you turned the place you live in into an economic craphole and then left not realizing that you were part of the problem. I'm seeing it now in Dallas from former Californians. They're flooding in due to the current economic conditions in California vs. Texas and complaining the whole way. Hopefully, they'll be pacified by the In and Out Burgers, Del Tacos, and Trader Joe's that are coming to the Dallas/Ft Worth area, because if they actually succeed in bringing California to Texas, we'll get the economic mess but not the yearlong mild temperatures or easy access to the beach and mountains.

* The owner actually has a "The hogs were here first!" sign on his property big enough to see from said neighborhood.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Mmm. Del Taco.