Tuesday, May 17, 2011

High Cost of the War on Drugs

Someday, I hope someone can explain to me why, in a legitimate and compelling way, this is a worthwhile expenditure of tax dollars. I hope someone will explain why that is a priority.

Because I drove over crumbling roads to work in a city filled with blighted houses and at-risk schools in a state where people's homes are being intentionally flooded by the government so other people's homes don't flood accidentally.

And I hope my brother will recognize that this is what I'm talking about when I say that drug policy in this country is an absolute but expensive failure.



patsbrother said...

Cousin's Pat's brother wonders what Cousin Pat refers to when he implies that his brother supports current drug policy.

Note: Cousin Pat's brother supports continued criminalization of drugs (with simple possession of marijuana being a ticketable infraction rather than something for which one would be arrested) without supporting current drug laws. Cousin Pat's brother also currently lives in a state (a) in which for one's 100th possession of marijuana WID one can only receive a maximum of ten years (not life); and (b) in which the Republican governor took time during his inauguration to call for an overhaul of how his state punishes those convicted of drug crimes for being too harsh.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

It is always a meta-conversation with you, isn't it? Re-read the post, kiddo. I imply nothing about your beliefs, and everything about this example being real.

Next time we speak about drug policy, know I will use this case as one of my examples of what is wrong with the system. This stuff really happens to real people and it costs real tax dollars to do it.