Wednesday, May 25, 2011


By passing a $0.01 sales tax referendum, voters in heavily conservative Cherokee County will get a lot of infrastructure improvements, mostly centered around widening their own roads.

Roads that will, of course, increase development opportunities, increasing residences, and increasing cars on the roads. Not to mention how badly it ties the exurban county to gasoline prices.

But whatever, it is their money and their time. If they want to spend that money on gasoline for their cars and they want to spend their time sitting in traffic, that's up to them.

Two things though:

I don't want to hear complaints from these folks when gasoline prices go up. Y'all chose where to live and how to live, and y'all chose those long commutes.

I think that tying these folks' vote into the regional transportation plan is folly. If they don't want to pay for their new roads, let them not have new roads and put the funds elsewhere. It is time we start letting the suburbs and exurbs pay their own damn way in this country.



Dante said...

I'd vote against it as it stands. Right now this looks like a very nebulous deal without a clear guarantee it will benefit Cherokee County residents as the money will be spent regionally. Before supporting this, I'd need guarantees that my county would be duly represented in the decision-making process. I'd also make sure there's no way in hell hell hell this money is getting used on the upcoming toll project. I'm not paying tax money for the privilege of paying a toll just to get down the Interstate. I'm also not paying tax money for a public/private agreement that prevents upgrading of infrastructure around the toll road (which is now en vogue for such deals).

What really needs to happen is the state needs to take charge of this issue. That's a big reason why we have states in the first place.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

If I lived in Cherokee County, I'd vote against it because I moved to Cherokee County to live in the country, not in a patchwork of suburban sprawl.

I don't understand why Cherokee County should have been included in the regional transportation plan at all, unless the intention all along was to block the tax.

State doesn't want to take charge of this issue because unpopular decisions will have to be made and money will have to be spent.