Monday, May 23, 2011

Not Justice

This is not justice, or anything that appears to be justice. Multiple murders, multiple rapes, completely random victims in the neighborhood, evading police for weeks.

Of course this individual appears incapable of helping in his own defense. From a moral standpoint, however, mental incapacity only goes so far.

This seems to me more a decision on the part of the criminal justice system in New Orleans to not bring this case before a jury, because they are afraid such a system that we have will not be considered credible enough to land a conviction for these crimes. Better the accused receive treatment now with a chance of conviction later.

At least, I can only hope that is the case; that the reevaluation to come will allow a trial to proceed. What I fear is that this system wants to wait until the crimes aren't so fresh; that the victims have moved away to safer places; that the outcry is not so loud. That way, they can just turn him lose back on a neighborhood, and hope someone there takes care of the problem for them.


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