Monday, May 02, 2011

The Obituary of Record

bin Laden is dead. Reports are saying that Navy SEALs found him in a vacation manse in Pakistan, and instead of coming along peacefully, he decided to resist capture with the typical results.

The New York Times goes for seven pages of obituary, tying him to every recent terrorist attack we know by name, over the administrations of five United States Presidents.

Was he really that important to worldwide terrorism? Did his family really refer to him as the "slave child?" There is so much in that story that I want to believe, so much of it that seems plausible. Doing so might mean a real blow has been struck against worldwide terrorism, just by eliminating one man on a personal mission.

I pondered over how much damage one man can do, and how much damage that one man actually did. We heard his name before the day "September 11th" was seared into our collective consciousness. Just look at the irreparable damage he has left in his wake. That would be true, regardless of the words in the New York Times.

So, I'll also ponder the power of words, written on the page, to write history as it happens.



Dante said...

He's that important symbolically. I am a little disturbed that he was "hiding out" in a mansion that was seriously fortified right around the time he moved in and close to a major town. I also hear there was a big "OSAMA -> X" painted on the roof. I guess hindsight is 20/20.

What has been absolutely spectacular is the Obama camp parlaying the birther nonsense with the Osama news. They've been verifying the body for two weeks. I have no doubt Obama knew they had Osama when he released the birth certificate. Game. Set. Match. Campaign Obama is waking up from his slumber. Hopefully this will weed out the less-than-serious Republican Presidential nominees. It's already weeded out one whether he wants to admit it or not.

Dante said...

"They've been verifying the body for two weeks."

This was apparently some misinformation I picked up from ABCNews during coverage.