Friday, May 20, 2011

The VP Field

Charlie at Peach Pundit asks Is Newt Gingrich learning?

A candidate that mastered the use of the media against his political opponents when in the House minority was reduced do whining about liberal media after self inflicting wounds.

And that's a primarily Republican Georgia website. Which should tell you about where Newt's stock is this week. So much for the Idea Man.

Meanwhile, back on the left, Mark Mosely at The Lens scours the GOP's "Action" Man.

Jindal argued that volcano monitoring (and, implicitly, stream monitoring) should be cut from the bill because it is “wasteful spending.” He explicitly contrasted these programs with other (unnamed) programs in the bill that “make sense.” Jindal wasn’t merely mocking a potentially worthy program because it was misplaced in a stimulus bill, he was mocking it as an example of a bogus priority. Government should cut its spending, rather invest $140 million to monitor volcanoes (and floods).

Because why on Earth would Louisiana need to monitor floods? (HT: Jeffery.)


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