Friday, June 10, 2011

Jackass of the Month

We used to trot out the JotM Award pretty regular around these parts. Adrastos runs one over at First-Draft called"Malaka of the Week," highlighting "wankery not evil."

But it got me thinking about what a week it has been. We tend to focus on two topics on Hurricane Radio, sports and politics, and I'll be damned if it wasn't a banner week for bad behavior in both of those realms. Those topics usually have their share of weekly head slappers, to be sure, but the sheer volume of it this is impressive. Some of the memes and stories from Monday are already old news.

That's something. I mean, take your pick...

Jackasses in Politics:
Anthony's Weiner - naturally the biggest political story this week
Andrew Brietbart - he gets one thing right and takes a week long victory tour
The Senator from Louisiana - because of the ninja suit he can put on to completely vanish from the national zeitgeist the minute any other politician has a sex scandal
Sarah Palin re: Paul Revere's guns and bells(?)
Newt Gingrich's Incredibly Imploding Political Campaign

Jackasses in Sports:
Mike Hamilton - soon-to-be-former Athletic Director of the University of Tennessee for his hand in bringing down UT Athletics (and I'm a Georgia fan saying this)
Bill Stewart - soon-to-be-former head football coach of the West Virginia University Mountaineers, who was discovered to be giving the press dirty details on the personal behaviors of the soon-to-be head football coach (sort of a folksy Andrew Breitbart)
LaBron James - for making such a big deal out of playing basketball in Miami, and then playing like this in the NBA finals
Terrelle Pryor - former quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes who has gotten involved with so many shady sports star cliches that people may not remember the Cam Newton controversy from earlier in the year

And yet, all of this pales in comparison to former head football coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes, Jim Tressell, who resigned his job on Sunday ahead of a blistering Sports Illustrated expose regarding allegations of widespread and long-term sports-based shenanigans conducted while cloaking himself in the mantle of deeply held Christian faith.

Of course, in true Tressell fashion, he picked the perfect week to do so, because all that other stuff makes Sunday seem so very long ago.

So that's that. Hopefully next week things will slow down somewhat.

Until then, I'll go the opposite route and give you this item of heartwarming, classy behavior.



Dante said...

Weiner is a contender. I feel the need to give Brietbart a pass on the nomination because he was right. I'd rather wait and kick him while he's down. I could've sworn there was a 3rd item on this list but I can't see it. Palin is also a contender. Knowing whether or not Newt is being a jackass involves paying attention to Newt and I haven't done that for a while now.

So since we're dealing with the relativism of two candidates, I have to ask the question: Is a person who sends random photos of their junk more likely to not know anything about Paul Revere or is someone who doesn't know anything about Paul Revere more likely to send random photos of their junk? I'm going to go with the latter and hand Sarah Palin the nomination.

Hamilton and Stewart are both more idiot than jackass. LeBron deserves a shot here. So does Pryor.

But none of that matters because Jim Tressel is the end-all be-all Jackass of the Year. He's also a shoe-in for the 2011 Dennis Leary Jackass Achievement Award and the George Carlin Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award for Jackassery Excellence. You should check out the awards show. It will be hosted by Jose Canseco and is sponsored by Florida drivers and people who get in the express checkout lane with a a grocery cart full of stuff.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

The next thing we have to figure out is: Have we ever seen a week as chock full of Jackass moments as this one?