Friday, June 03, 2011

"Ringin' Those Bells"

I'll just leave this here right next to this. Tell me that wouldn't be a political team for the ages!

It would be a match made in tabloid writers' heaven and campaign advisers' hell.



patsbrother said...

True story: I just looked for C. Ray's memoir on Amazon.

(First, don't judge. Really, a memoir written by the Chocolate Mayor and which bears what by rights should be the title to a Harlequin romance novel might just be too bad to let pass.)

I searched under "Katrina's Secrets," under "Ray Nagin", and under "Storms After the Storm" (the byline). NONE of those searches succeeded.

Could Ray be pulling a fast one on us? You think he wants this book to be as hard to find after its release as he was to find after the storm?

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...