Saturday, June 18, 2011

Unique Homeownership Opportunity

Located near the interection of Real Estate Oversupply Avenue and Spend At Least an Hour on Your Commute to Atlanta Highway, this incredible deal puts you in a mass produced cookie-cutter home just minutes away from not one, but TWO scenic Exurban Traffic-Choked Strip Malls. Fall asleep at night to the constant noise of jumbo jets approaching one of the world's busiest airports as you contemplate the multiple car notes you have to pay just so you and your spouse can get the kids to soccer practice on any number of winding non-grid surface streets. The area is zoned specifically to discourage foot and bicycle traffic, so you won't even be tempted to use alternative modes of transportation or interact with your pesky neighbors to form "community."

And with such a desireable place at such a reasonable price, you can afford the gasoline you'll need to use in order to live in a place like this!

What isn't to like?

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Dante said...

Roswell is further away from Atlanta than Riverdale, is just as alternate-transportation unfriendly, yet still manages to keep up their property values. As much as you want to make this about a repudiation of suburbia, it has far more to do with trying to build middle class housing in a community too poor to support it. Riverdale's school system is a craphole and that's putting it delicately. Who in their right mind is going to buy a house as pictured in that article and then send their kids to a high school where 70% of the student population is economically disadvantaged, especially now that there's plenty on reasonably-priced inventory in neighborhoods with good schools?

And as far as the airport is concerned, I line 3 miles from a pretty busy one. The only people who have to deal with noise are those in the direct flight path of the planes. All of Harstfield's runways go east-west. Riverdale at most gets noise from the planes that travel southeast after takeoff, which is a minority at best. Yeah, you'll hear noise sometimes, but it's a lot better than living near a train.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Well, if you're living in an area of traffic, strip malls, and high cost commuting, the area better have some good schools available!

Thing is, most suburban developments are trying to build middle class housing in communities too poor to support them. The locals have to support the development with infrastructure all on the chance the development will prove a good investment in the long run. That the malls brought in to support the real estate won't just die out in 6 years.

The former model was already unsustainable, now with a weak economy and high gasoline prices, utility is reduced even further.

Those costs hit pocketbooks in Roswell, too, but those are demographically much deeper pocketbooks than those you see in Riverdale.