Wednesday, June 08, 2011

"The United States of Stepford"

Maitri puts American puritan cultural hypocracy on blast. In a just world, this would be more than a t-shirt slogan:

Get over it, you frustrated, misprioritizing tensionball of a nation just waiting to burst.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey quotes Glenn Greenwald, who's also calling for a realistic perspective.

You know who's not calling for perspective? GOP Chair Reince Preibus. But I've got two words and four letters for RP: David Vitter. STFU.



Dante said...

I can't read Maitri's post at work, but I think Greenwald forgot about somebody. We're not in new territory here.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

I don't think Greenwald forgot about anyone. Hart faced the same media storm and quit. Policy or issues didn't matter at all, personal life did.

That always seems to be part of the problem.

Dante said...

From Greenwald: "And in that regard, it sets a new standard: the private sexual activities of public figures -- down to the most intimate details -- are now inherently newsworthy, without the need for any pretense of other relevance."

This is NOT a new standard.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

While I agree this is not a new standard (political sex scandals have a long tradition in America), the manufactured outrage with this one seems particularly petty and overblown. It is literally, the sex scandal without the physical act.

Hart was never forced to resign from any position over the media exposure of his behaviors, scandalous as they may have been. His pathologies were reported, he reacted badly, and paid the price at the polls.

Which is exactly what should happen here, but that's not what is actually going on.

This classless tool got caught acting like a classless tool on the internet. And people are acting like he's some deviant predator who should be driven from the halls where decent legislators work.

And let's not forget how certain folks - individuals who may have broken actual laws WHILE likely cheating on a spouse WHILE running entire political campaigns on "traditional family values" - have recieved a complete pass on their scandals in the past few years.