Monday, August 22, 2011

Always Right

Republicans are never wrong. They've always got people working the angles, so the Democrats can take the blame.

Remember all the Libya war hate from the Republicans? That was an easy position to go on the news and advocate back when the rebels looked like they were about to get thrown into the sea by Qadaffi's mercenaries, wasn't it?

But now that the Libya intervention seems to have worked, the pro-interventionist Republicans get to blame the President for not getting involved soon enough.

I really like how no one in the GOP even acknowledges that there is a difference of opinion within their own party. That's a powerful media strategy, my friends.

Same as it ever was.



Dante said...

You know that "Republicans" isn't just the name of some dude, right? They're a group of people and all of them have their own ideas. From the beginning John McCain has advocated sending in whatever force is necessary to knock Ghadaffi out. McCain advocated the US taking a leadership role on Libya. (Remember McCain's "backseat role" comment?) When things weren't working out (which I think most of us qualify as the point when we very much passed measuring the conflict in weeks, not days) McCain advocated sending in whatever force was necessary to end things.

Same as it ever was indeed. Pat puts on his Party blinders and slams the opposition without looking at exactly who the opposition is and what they're saying. Look in the next few days for Pat to do a make-up call which (since Pat is so fond of using Civil-Rights-era references) is the equivalent of saying, "I'm not racist. I have a black friend."

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

They're a group of people and all of them have their own ideas.

Oh, I understand that, even if their national media strategy never makes that clear.

The Libya conflict has been the perfect example of the Republicans (brand) market themselves nationally while constantly dismissing the President.

Political posturing allowed the GOP to be on both sides of this issue, nationally, and market the President as the architect of everything that went wrong/didn't go right fast enough. It is a bold, beautiful marketing plan based on stunning cognitive dissonance, and only this GOP can pull something like that off.

If I've got Party Bliders on, it is only out of jealousy. I should have titled the post "Republican Nuance."

There was only one Republican who tarnished the national brand, when he attempted to play both roles his own self.

patsbrother said...

...ooooor, rather than a giant marketing plan, the disparate groups actually voiced their true opinions and stuck to them dispite disagreement, thus distinguishing themselves from political Democrats.

(Really? After years of trumping up your Super Secret Liberal Takeover Headquarters or whatever, you see this as a marketing gimmick? You realize that requires a plan? You really think John McCain would advocate sending troops oversees as part of a marketing plan? For that matter, do you really think McCain would follow a plan?)

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Republicans employ some of the most effective political marketers on planet Earth.

Even when they have different viewpoints, they spin those viewpoints so it does the most political damage to thier opponents. That is the only way the party can exist with both isolationist and neoconservative wings.