Monday, August 01, 2011

Angry Liberals

Incapable of trying to contain a political loss, some House Democrats are now falling over themselves to multiply the Debt Deal fallout by using hyperbole to make themselves objects of ridicule.

Folks, the Debt Deal was an issue that was 1 part policy to 9 parts politics. This was so much theatre that I now think Washington has more to fear from a writers' strike than Hollywood. "Issues" like this only become issues because the GOP is good at playing politics and making mountains out of molehills, and the Democrats often lose at "king of the (imaginary) hill."

Think about this: after months (if not years) of Tea Party and GOP whining, pouting, getting an inch and taking a mile, victimization mythology, hyperbolic rhetoric, and marketing the snake oil of cultural and economic panic, the Democrats are the ones getting laughed at.



jeffrey said...

Not so sure I can agree with this given the seriousness of the policy resulting from this "theater"

Regardless, I thought you might enjoy the word cloud here.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

I really hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but if the American economy requires massive government spending to keep it out of a depression, the disaster Krugman is talking about happened long, long ago and we're just rearranging the deck chairs.

Or, as you so eloquently put it in recent years, "You can't advertise the oil off the beach."

The best result of stimulus money would have been to let us down easy so we don't have to take our medicine all at once. Like we were talking about the other night, the house of cards isn't done falling yet. Instead, the stimulus was a political disaster that spent too much money on the wrong things: we're still going to hit hard, but the folks who are already swimming in money won't feel it as much.

Thanks, Nancy!

Since that was the result we were already looking at before any deal was done, I fail to see what has changed over the weekend, except that the GOP has a political victory over a non-issue because the Democrats are terrible at politics.