Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Volunteers in London take a stand against the rioters. As it always has been, and God willing, will forever be.

"As I watched those white fires flame up and die down, watched the yellow blazes grow up and disappear, I thought, what a puny effort is this, to burn a great city."

- Edward R. Murrow, October 10, 1940

We are reminded, at times like these, not to confuse thuggery like this with civil disobedience. We should also remember that riots or looting has not been a problem in other places often accused of being riot and looting-prone.


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E.J. said...

On BBC radio this morning, they played a clip of an interview wherein they asked why do this to stores in your own neighborhood? The youths answered because they were targeting "the rich." Now that's some ignant shit!