Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene & the East

It appears the East Coast is taking no chances with Irene. That's a good thing. Even as a Category 2, Irene is a huge storm. Violent rain bands are already over the Carolinas, and the radar images look like the heavy rain will continue for hours before and after landfall. And that's before considering the storm surge, which looks like it will be working the coast constantly for at least two changes of the tide. Big storms push a lot of water, after all.

This weekend, as New Orleanians get together to discuss the continuing state of things on the Gulf Coast, my thoughts and prayers will be with my friends and family in the East.

Despite the gallows humor from those areas of the country that live their lives on the hurricane coast (doubtless inspired from the earthquake jokes earlier in the week), there is nothing fun about high wind, flooding rain, storm surges, property damage, and drowning. Especially in cases where your own infrastructure works against you.

Y'all be safe. And Take. This. Seriously.


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