Monday, August 08, 2011

The Problem With Protests

Jeffrey does some fine work covering the PCU-like, protest-for-protest's sake nonsense that helped legitimize the ALEC convention in New Orleans last week. Because nothing makes a bunch of lobbyists in suits look more adult than a bunch of smelly "anarchists" making fools of themselves outside:

As they came by shouting "This is what Democracy looks like" it occurred to me that they were probably right about that. Elites and lawmakers quietly dividing up the wealth of the nation in a hotel suite while clueless douchebags and idiot kids prattle on to no affect in the street is pretty much exactly what American democracy looks like in 2011.

For the longest time, I have believed that individuals who show up at protests like this are really actors paid by the "targets" of their "ire." Real protests don't look anything like that nonsense, they look and sound more like this.


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